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Blue Ridge Bracket Company was founded in 2008 by Trent Van Dyke and Terry Reno to bring affordable deck mounted brackets to every deck in America. Terry and his wife had just built a new deck on their home when she wanted to hang some potted plants and planter boxes. Terry said, "That's fine as long as you don't screw or nail anything into the new deck." She replied, "You better come up with something to do it with." A short time later, Terry invented the first prototype of the Rail Rockit Bracket. The bracket worked so well he had thoughts of bringing it to market. Terry's background was primarily in engineering so he approached his friend Trent to see if he might be interested in building a product line and eventually a company around this "one size fits all bracket." Trent accepted the offer and Blue Ridge Bracket Company was formed. Terry and Trent spent the first year and a half finding the right manufacturer and selling the brackets at the consumer show level. This allowed them to conduct an in depth market analysis, price point analysis, and a demographic study. All indicators were pointing in the direction that this product line "had legs". Since then, Blue Ridge Bracket Company has shipped product to hundreds of garden centers, wild bird stores, and hardware stores across the United States and Canada. Blue Ridge Bracket Company is affiliated with a number of regional distributors throughout North America. With an exceptional corporate team intact and dozens of new product launches planned, Blue Ridge Bracket Company is looking forward to a bright future.

Our Team

Terry Reno

Terry Reno
Inventor / Owner

Terry is owner of Blue Ridge Bracket Company.

Terry started his career early, and by the age of 12 was earning his spending money by welding and fabricating equipment for local farmers. In high school he learned to work on cars and motorcycles, including structural and body work.

Terry attended Michigan Technological University receiving his bachelors degree in Metallurgical Engineering in 1983. His post graduate studies focused on the structural strength of materials. After graduating, Terry had a long, successful career in Manufacturing, Quality Control, Engineering and IT.

While renovating his home and decks a few years ago, Terry was unsatisfied with products on the market; so he went into his basement and emerged weeks later with what is now known as the "Rail Rockit". You can contact Terry directly at

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